About Us

We are inter-generational and multi-cultural intercessors who are one in Christ, growing in faith, submitted to authority and operating with authority. We are “sent ones” who faithfully serve our region, state, and nation through faith-filled, Holy Spirit led prayer as well as lead and teach others to do the same. We stand in the gap for others, facing principalities and powers of this present age.  Often hidden away and unseen, we are mighty warriors with mighty weapons, uniting in fervent prayer to pull down strongholds and establish the Kingdom of God across our land.

This is Our Story

   The West Michigan Prayer Center began in the heart of God as a dream for this region. He began calling together his intercessors from every denomination here in West Michigan in the 1980s to prepare the way of the Lord. By the 90s we held regular weekly meetings at various locations.

    Redeeming the land was our main focus along with 24/7 prayer modeled after IHOP in Kansas City. In 2002 we settled into our current location. Here God shifted our focus to fully redeeming the land including SWAT teaching and training in spiritual warfare. Out of this came our SWAT Manual and Addendum books which are available in our website bookstore.

    Most recently we have branched out as MIAPN (Michigan Apostolic Prayer Network) which is connected to HAPN (Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network) under the leadership of John Benefiel. All fifty states are connected to this national prayer congress and functioning in unity doing various assignments to release the land.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to remove curses and release blessing.  Sin brings a curse and defilement on the land so we repent and remove the curses through prayer by the power of Jesus Christ’s shed blood.  The result is the declared and released blessing of our inheritance in Christ.


* Redeem the land (Repent over the sins of the land)

* Reconcile the land to God (Declare scriptures over the land)

* Restore original intent (Ask for God to change it back to what he intended)

* Release God’s blessings  (Over the land and the people’s of the land)